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JP-H10132159-A: 管継手およびその製造方法 patent, JP-H10132294-A: High frequency heating cooker patent, JP-H1013283-A: 受信機 patent, JP-H10133076-A: 光ファイバ担持用螺旋スペーサ patent, JP-H10133515-A: Image forming device patent, JP-H10133708-A: Producing system patent, JP-H1013422-A: Atm exchange patent, JP-H10134278-A: Fire detector patent, JP-H10134292-A: Multiplex communication equipment for vehicle patent, JP-H10135499-A: Wiring and connecting method for solar cell module patent, JP-H10137742-A: 浄水装置 patent, JP-H1013783-A: 圧縮画像データのインサート編集方式 patent, JP-H10138046-A: Work support mechanism for gear finishing work device patent, JP-H10138060-A: ピストン組付け装置 patent, JP-H10138670-A: 非接触icカード patent, JP-H10138790-A: Motive power transmission device for vehicle patent, JP-H10138964-A: 弾性履帯 patent, JP-H10139029-A: Extremely thin hollow container made of synthetic resin patent, JP-H10139929-A: Antibacterial resin molding patent, JP-H10139962-A: 熱可塑性樹脂組成物 patent, JP-H10140397-A: Niメッキ鋼板の製造方法 patent, JP-H10141530-A: Check valve device patent, JP-H10141606-A: Boiler plant patent, JP-H10141835-A: Damper device patent, JP-H10142464-A: 光ファイバテープ心線の製造方法 patent, JP-H10142499-A: Focus-adjustable front projection lens device for large screen patent, JP-H10143075-A: 貼着ラベル patent, JP-H10143194-A: Mixed speech separation system patent, JP-H10143514-A: Translated word pair extracting device patent, JP-H10143867-A: 光ディスクの情報高速記録方法及びその装置 patent, JP-H10144452-A: Temperature measuring instrument for soldering iron patent, JP-H10145081-A: Tool for moving small-sized electronic components patent, JP-H10145679-A: Image pickup device patent, JP-H10145719-A: Display method for digital electronic camera and device therefor patent, JP-H10146068-A: Dc arc start auxiliary circuit patent, JP-H10146276-A: 電気湯沸かし器 patent, JP-H10146376-A: Moxibustion unit patent, JP-H10148220-A: 車載用av装置のクラッチ機構 patent, JP-H1014883-A: Visual line detecting device patent, JP-H10148840-A: 液晶表示装置 patent, JP-H10149697-A: Multibit memory testing device patent, JP-H10149821-A: アルカリ蓄電池用正極 patent, JP-H10150670-A: 複数垂直フォーマット用集中制御システム patent, JP-H10150789-A: Equipment and method for controlling motor patent, JP-H10150822-A: 作業車両用の作業装置 patent, JP-H10151213-A: リフト設備における救助システム及び救助装置 patent, JP-H10151260-A: Surveillance device, system and method of game machine unfair use patent, JP-H10152297-A: Six-axis loading device patent, JP-H1015255-A: 走行玩具 patent, JP-H10152977-A: Knockdown mat with tatami-mat pattern, mat for intermediate section, mat for edge and mat for corner patent, JP-H10153021-A: キー回転装置 patent, JP-H10153256-A: 自動変速機用油圧制御装置 patent, JP-H10153322-A: Halogen range patent, JP-H10153377-A: 冷蔵庫 patent, JP-H10153982-A: Gradation display method and gradation display device patent, JP-H10154161-A: Map data linkage system, and storage medium having program performing map data linkage patent, JP-H10154616-A: Normal conduction transfer detector patent, JP-H10154778-A: Manufacturing method of semiconductor device patent, JP-H10154966-A: 交通情報受信装置 patent, JP-H10155067-A: Facsimile equipment patent, JP-H10155552-A: 収納テーブル patent, JP-H10155680-A: 24時間風呂装置 patent, JP-H10155844-A: 排泄物処理介護装置 patent, JP-H10156148-A: Recovering method of trifluoromethane sulfonic acid patent, JP-H10156989-A: パルプ発泡ビーズ積層体 patent, JP-H10157539-A: ステアリングホイール patent, JP-H10159551-A: 触媒付エンジンおよびガスタービン patent, JP-H10160449-A: 管の主要寸法測定装置 patent, JP-H10160516-A: Encoder device and encoder data processing device patent, JP-H10160862-A: 時計の部品固定構造 patent, JP-H10161183-A: Focal-plane shutter patent, JP-H10161242-A: Projection lens device patent, JP-H10161658-A: Electronic musical instrument patent, JP-H10161874-A: 中央演算処理装置 patent, JP-H10162111-A: Ic card patent, JP-H1016220-A: Ink-jet recording head and ink-jet recorder patent, JP-H10162569-A: Memory apparatus and data writing/reading method patent, JP-H10164007-A: Surface acoustic wave signal processor for spread spectrum communication patent, JP-H10164334-A: 画像形成装置 patent, JP-H10164419-A: カメラ制御装置及び方法 patent, JP-H10164604-A: Video signal processing circuit patent, JP-H10164946-A: Harvester patent, JP-H10165916-A: 外部を囲繞する土木構造物における遮水設備 patent, JP-H1016643-A: Drive controller of undermirror device for vehicle patent, JP-H10167002-A: シートベルトリトラクタ patent, JP-H10167309-A: Composite cap patent, JP-H10167620-A: 少人数用昇降装置 patent, JP-H10167746-A: 光ファイバ用母材の製造方法 patent, JP-H10168019-A: Production of )poly)alkylene glycol monoalkyl ether patent, JP-H10168163-A: Epoxy resin composition and semiconductor device using the same patent, JP-H10168328-A: Electroconductive polymer composite material patent, JP-H10168643-A: Production of synthetic fiber patent, JP-H10169064-A: Execution method for concrete slab and concrete slab patent, JP-H10169295-A: 折り畳み扉等の下レール構造及びインナーレール patent, JP-H10169356-A: ワイヤラインユニットにおけるラッチロック装置 patent, JP-H10169921-A: 燃焼装置 patent, JP-H1017052-A: Jig for transporting glass board patent, JP-H10170662-A: 磁界計測機能付き電子時計 patent, JP-H10170939-A: 液晶表示装置 patent, JP-H10171248-A: Developing 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